Episode 34: Film Crit Hulk


The caps lock heir apparent to Pauline Kael, FILM CRIT HULK, stops by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about his new book SCREENWRITING 101 (with introduction by Edgar Wright) and action packs our evening with valuable screenwriting advice, approaches to cinema, tales of battling evil do-ers, and a tearful remembrance of his favorite theater-going experience. Also including: being nice, black Christmas films, NOT SAVING THE CAT, lucky breaks, cut Frozen songs, The Place Beyond The Pines, Weezer, Paul W.S. Anderson, nightmares, love, the human condition, and the dangers of stem cell research. This is one of our favorite episodes yet and not to be missed. Intro theme is "Carlotta Valdez" by Harvey Danger.