Episode 43: Richard Elfman + Whitmer Thomas / Mike Lawrence + Josh Mattingly


Oingo Boingo founder and Forbidden Zone director Richard Elfman comes by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about fundraising for Forbidden Zone 2, sexy vegetables, his little brother Danny Elfman, sexy monsters, Erin Holt, sexual violations in other dimensions, and the career of Whitmer Thomas (of Power Violence) and why everything should be named Power Violence. Then we have a short hangout with New York comedian Mike Lawrence and Indie Statik's Josh Mattingly on the subject of time traveling father issues, McDonald's, @midnight, The Wire, Bioshock Infinite DLC, and taking on the Empire vs. parking attendants. This week's music includes new tracks from Danny Elfman for Forbidden Zone 2 (which you can contribute towards at www.forbiddenzone2.com) and Black Gold's Detroit.