Episode 48: Dan Oster & Alexx Calise


Comedian and actor Dan Oster (MadTV, Lost Moon Radio, Titled Sketch Project), rock musician Alexx Calise, and producer Wes Michener stop by the podcast to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about celebrity apologies, dance moms, little covers, a cover song app, Dan Oster types, the second to final season of MadTV, The Panty Raid: Redemption, kiss'n and hug'n, James Hetfield, Patrick Warburton, Bryan Singer theories, a series of impressions, dumb college, time travel, and so much more. Saturday, May 17th is the big Lost Moon Radio 5 Year Anniversary show. Check out their website for details on these tickets. Music in tonight's show is provided by Ages and Ages from Portland, Lost Moon Radio, and Alexx Calise (obviously).