Episode 50: Adam Wilson, Susan Burke, Cutestreak Designs


Twitter philosopher Adam Wilson (@theleanover), "Smashed" screenwriter plus actor/comedian Susan Burke (@ThatSusanBurke), and artist Chelsea Patterson of Cutestreak Designs (https://www.etsy.com/shop/CuteStreakDesigns?ref=pr_shop_more) stop by to talk with Brock Wilbur and Rob Ondarza about Portland, Bridgetown Comedy, Etsy, elaborate online reviews, Smash, Smashed, adaptation, Crash, Aaron Paul, Big Fish, Drop Dead Fred, interventions, hoodies, poetry, work, French Mexicans, pizza tips, The Simpsons, Rectify, theme parties, internet subcultures, Frasier Cookbook, porno graphic design, Georgia, the really dance-y U2 albums, Google Maps for Suicide, Judge Reinhold, and so much more. Music provided by American Laundromat's "I Saved Latin: A Tribute To Wes Anderson" which you should all check out.