Episode 53: Melissa Villasenor and iam8bit


Comedian Melissa Villasenor (America's Got Talent, Family Guy) and art gallery owners Jon M. Gibson & Amanda White from art gallery iam8bit sit down with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, Joe Starr, and an embarrassingly/aggressively drunk Nicholas Daly Clark to discuss Sim Poop, Art, Animal Crossing, Rap, Fear, Wealth, Bringer Shows, Owen Wilson, The Future Of Video Games, The Darkest Secret You've Ever Heard, Creeps, Alaska, Violence, Things It Is Illegal To Mail In The U.S. Postal Service, Value Art, What Jesus REALLY Believed, and so much more. Music is provided by Melissa Villasenor from her EP "Leap" which is not about Jesus but is totally available on iTunes.